My story

When I started modeling I was reluctant and skeptical. I have battled my body and the mirror for the better part of two decades. To get in front of a camera with anything resembling genuine confidence was daunting, if not impossible.

I discovered some things about modeling. First, beauty is not what we’ve been taught it is. It is not, in fact, defined by our  bust/waist/hip measurements, or our faces.

However, the majority of the world defines beauty that way: by how you look. So in the process of discovering my own inner beauty I found a way to combat the commercialized ideal and objectification of women.

Don’t expect perfection in my portfolio. It is simply one voice, one face, trying to make a difference.

Modeling for me has been a process of healing. Emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual. If you have ever known anyone who has battled their body through injury, disease, sickness, mental illness, eating disorders, and more, I can understand their story.

My story is everyone’s story; of how we heal, and how we overcome. We are resilient beings. And I live my life to serve a Great and Powerful Healer who deserves all the glory for my progress, and anything beautiful I create.

I model because I am so much more than a face and a body. Beauty is more than a face and a body. The modeling I’ve been doing is, for me, a celebration of how far I’ve come. To get in front of a camera and declare this silently through a picture is a triumph for me. I’m doing it for all of us that never thought we were pretty enough. And I’m doing it for myself as another way I can reflect my Creator, through art, just as I’ve done it through sports, music, life and school. And I love it 🙂

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